Precision and sensitivity of guide rail!

            Guidance precision and high guidance precision refer to the accuracy of the track of the guide rail, which is an important accuracy index of the guide pair. The smaller the deviation between the actual trajectory of the moving part and the given direction, the higher the guidance accuracy. The main factors affecting the guidance accuracy are: the geometric accuracy of the guide surface, the structure type of the guide rail, the contact accuracy and surface roughness of the guide rail pair, the stiffness of the guide rail and supporting parts, the thickness and stiffness of the oil film of the guide rail, the thermal deformation of the guide rail and supporting parts, etc.


            The geometric accuracy of guideway generally includes the straightness of guideway in vertical plane, horizontal plane and the parallelism between two guideway planes, or the distortion value of a certain length in transverse direction between two guideway planes. The accuracy requirement can be expressed by the error of the whole length of the guide rail or the error S of the unit length.


            Moving sensitivity and positioning accuracy are both high moving sensitivity (moving resolution) refers to the short distance that a worktable can achieve when it completes a single move, and positioning accuracy refers to the ability of the worktable to stop at a specified point from moving state. Moving sensitivity and positioning accuracy are related to the type of guide rail, friction characteristics, moving speed, transmission stiffness, quality of moving parts and other factors.


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